When did you last worm your pet?

Think your pet is worm-free? Think again!

Posted 24 Jul 2015

You can't see signs of worms in your pet, so there's nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! Symptoms of a worm infestation are hard to spot, so the chances are your pet has worms if you haven't treated them recently.

So my pet might have worms...is that a problem?Ginger Tom Cat Looking around

Aside from being incredibly irritating and uncomfortable for your pet, worms can mean weight loss, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain, making them more at risk of general disease too. Puppies and kittens are especially at risk and can miss out on the essential foods, vitamins and minerals needed to develop healthily.

Humans are also at risk from dog and cat worms, particularly children. Worms have been known to cause partial blindness, asthma and mental health issues. 

So, how can I stop the problem?

Prevention is always easier than cure! We recommend you worm your pet at least every three months, even if no symptoms are seen, meaning you keep on top of any potential infestations. Worming your pets has never been easier or more affordable, with Beaphar wormers starting from just £4.29 and available 'over the counter' at your local pet store or online.

Beaphar produces a range of worming products including a handy One Dose Wormer tablet treatment, or if you have a particularly fussy pet we have Worming Granules that you simply sprinkle on your pets food!

If you struggle to remember when you last wormed, why not sign up to our wormer reminders, sending you a gentle reminder every three months to help you keep on top of those pesky parasites?

by Tom Offord