Beaphar Worm Awareness - WORMclear - When did you last worm your pet?

Can worms make children go blind?

Although dog & cat roundworms cannot complete their life cycle in humans, ingested eggs, on very rare occasions, can cause serious conditions in children. They hatch into larvae in the gut and then migrate to various organs of the body, including the liver, lungs, eyes and brain where they can become permanently encysted.

It is therefore of great importance to see that puppies and kittens which are in contact with children are kept free from worms, and that a good standard of hygiene is maintained. Faeces should be cleared away as soon as possible from gardens, litter trays, etc. Eggs in fresh faeces are not infective (they take about two weeks to develop on the grass), so you are not in danger when “scooping the poop”. Additionally, responsible dog owners always carry “poop bags” when exercising their pet, and clean away any mess, whether this be in towns or the countryside. Allowing dogs to defecate on country footpaths is no more acceptable than on town pavements.