Beaphar Worm Awareness - WORMclear - When did you last worm your pet?

What are the symptoms of worms?

 Symptoms of worms may include:

✔  A dull coat
✔  Lack of energy
✔  Diarrhoea
✔  Vomiting
✔  Weight loss
✔  Abdominal swelling
✔  Dragging their bottoms on the floor (scooting)
✔  Coughing
✔  Shortness of breath

However, many adult dogs have symptomless infections, so don't assume that your pet is worm-free if there are no obvious external signs. It is probable that they do have a low level of infection (as it is difficult to avoid), causing reinfection of themselves, other pets, and children.  Regular treatment is now low cost and easy to administer.