Beaphar Worm Awareness - WORMclear - When did you last worm your pet?

Which types of worms affect my pet?

All dogs and cats have worms throughout their lives. This is particularly true during their puppy or kittenhood, and at this time owners should always be on guard and looking for symptoms. However, adult pets are constantly picking up worms, and their treatment, though less frequent, should not be neglected. Whilst worms can cause illness, remember that an apparently healthy pet may also pass or vomit worms, or show no symptoms at all.

The worms found in dogs and cats in the UK fall into two main categories – roundworms and tapeworms. The majority live on partly digested food in the intestines. Despite a large amount of superstition and mythology about the effects of worms, unless they are present in large quantities, they are unlikely to produce symptoms of illness (except in the case of young puppies or kittens).