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Latest Questions: Worms in Cats

  • Does my cat have worms?

    Most cats become infected with worms soon after birth, and they encounter new sources of infection every time they go out and about, so the answer is probably yes.  Symptoms of worms in cats may include: ✔  A dull coat✔  Lack of energy✔  Diarrhoea✔  Vomiting...

  • How often should I worm my kitten?

    Kittens should be wormed for roundworm at 2 weeks of age and then re-treated at 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks to ensure continued freedom from worms.  Beaphar Worming Syrup is ideal for this.

  • How often should I worm my cat?

    Adult cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age should be wormed at 3 monthly intervals.  Beaphar Multiwormer or Worming Granules are an effective and simple way to provide this necessary regular treatment.

  • My cat is unwell after treating it with Beaphar Multiwormer for Cats

    A small number of cats experience wobbliness, inco-ordination and related symptoms several hours after taking the fawn-coloured tablets (tapeworm treatment given in week 2). This is a rare but known reaction to the fawn tablets, which contain an active ingredient called...