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Does my cat have worms?

Most cats become infected with worms soon after birth, and they encounter new sources of infection every time they go out and about, so the answer is probably yes.  Symptoms of worms in cats may include:

✔  A dull coat
✔  Lack of energy
✔  Diarrhoea
✔  Vomiting (sometimes bringing up a whole worm)
✔  Weight loss
✔  Abdominal swelling, pain
✔  Dragging their bottoms on the floor (itching)
✔  Coughing
✔  Shortness of breath

However, many adult cats have symptomless infections, so don't assume that your pet is worm-free if there are no obvious external signs. It is probable that they do have a low level of infection (as it is difficult to avoid), causing reinfection of themselves, other pets, and children.  Regular treatment is now low cost and easy to administer.