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My cat is unwell after treating it with Beaphar Multiwormer for Cats

A small number of cats experience wobbliness, inco-ordination and related symptoms several hours after taking the fawn-coloured tablets (tapeworm treatment given in week 2). This is a rare but known reaction to the fawn tablets, which contain an active ingredient called dichlorophen. It is termed an "idiopathic reaction", as its cause is unknown, it is not dose dependent, and cannot be anticipated for any particular individual. There may be a genetic cause, as the reaction sometimes seems to run in families.

The reaction can be alarming for owners, but always reverses in 24 hours and is unlikely to require veterinary treatment. Our advice is to keep affected animals warm and secure during this period, to avoid any mishaps, and ensure that your pet has access to fresh drinking water. There are no known long-term effects. If your cat's condition does not improve within 24 hours, or you observe additional symptoms to those described above, it would be advisable to seek veterinary advise. Take the product packaging with you so that your vet knows what you have been using.