Beaphar Worm Awareness - WORMclear - When did you last worm your pet?

How do I treat my cat or dog for worms?

It is important to remember to worm regularly. The recommendation for worming is as follows:

✔  Pets aged 2 – 12 weeks = dose every 2 weeks (as puppies and kittens are continually being re-infected by mother’s milk).
✔  Mothers should be treated concurrently, until weaning.
✔  3 months + = dose every 3 months (acquired immunity is beginning to interrupt the worms’ life cycle, so less frequent treatment is possible. Continued treatment will remove those worms that will be acquired during daily life).

Beaphar’s wide range of worming preparations has been designed for effectiveness and ease of use. Tablets, granules (for mixing with food for animals that are not as willing to take tablets), creams and syrups (for kittens and puppies) are all available.