When did you last worm your pet?

Facts About Worms!

Female roundworms can produce hundreds of eggs every day! They reach the environment via dog faeces, which are easily picked up by other dogs if you don't 'scoop the poop'

Tapeworms can grow up to 5 metres in length, which is longer than the average UK family car.

An untreated dog may be carrying hundreds, or even thousands, of roundworms inside it, without his owner being aware of this!

Roundworm eggs can remain infective in grass or soil for a year, or more!

It only takes one tapeworm to tango! If a tapeworm can't find a partner to mate with, it is fully capable of having sex with itself and producing viable eggs.

Mistakenly, Victorian ladies considered it fashionable to swallow tapeworms in order to improve their waistline!